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21 Day Fast | Day 21: Legacy


21 Day Fast | Day 21: Legacy


Acts 13:36-37 NASB
For David, after he had served the purpose of God in his own generation, fell asleep …

John 15:16ERV
"You did not choose me. I chose you. And I gave you this work: to go and produce fruit--fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you anything you ask for in my name.  

Psalms 22:30-31 ERV
Our descendants will serve him. Those who are not yet born will be told about him.   Each generation will tell their children about the good things the Lord has done.

Psalms 71:17-18
Since my youth, God, you have taught me, and to this day I declare your marvelous deeds.  Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, my God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your mighty acts to all who are to come.

Psalms 78:4-7 NLT
We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the LORD, about His power and His mighty wonders.   For He issued His laws to Jacob; He gave His instructions to Israel. He commanded our ancestors to teach them to their children,  so the next generation might know them—even the children not yet born—and they in turn will teach their own children. So each generation should set its hope anew on God, not forgetting His glorious miracles and obeying His commands.

Luke 12:16-21 NLT
Then He told them a story: "A rich man had a fertile farm that produced fine crops.   He said to himself, 'What should I do? I don't have room for all my crops.'  Then he said, 'I know! I'll tear down my barns and build bigger ones. Then I'll have room enough to store all my wheat and other goods.  And I'll sit back and say to myself, "My friend, you have enough stored away for years to come. Now take it easy! Eat, drink, and be merry!"'  "But God said to him, 'You fool! You will die this very night. Then who will get everything you worked for?'  "Yes, a person is a fool to store up earthly wealth but not have a rich relationship with God."


1. Why did Christ choose you?  What does it mean to “produce fruit that will last?”

2. What is your responsibility to the next generations? 

3. What is our responsibility as a church to the next generations?

4. How do these fit together?

5. If you were to die today, what would be your legacy – the impact you have made on this world for Christ?


1. Pray for yourself and our church – that we would not only be faithful to serve God’s purposes in our generation, but also for the generations to come.

2. Consider the legacy you desire (God desires you) to leave this world.  Consider the legacy God desire our church leave for the generations to come.  Write these down.

3. Pray that God would direct you, empower you, provide for you, correct you so that you might always live to accomplish these.

4. Pray the same for our church.