Weekend of September 15-16 • Community Group Areas in Foyer and Theater Lobby

Community Groups are when a big church becomes a small church. They are the place where people can learn to grow in Real Faith every week. They are the place where people can learn to love the word through Real Compassion.

We believe in the growth potential you can seize in Community Groups so much that we are making it the cornerstone of our 40 Days of Prayer campaign! For the whole lead-up to the launch of the 40 days, we will have a Community Groups area set up in the church and at R2R to help answer all of your questions and get you signed up with the group that fits you best!

Every community group at MPCC looks slightly different in the way they go about meeting, They meet at all different days and times of the week. Before picking a Community Group, you should first think about:

1. What night of the week works best for my schedule?

2. To what areas of town would I be willing to drive?

3. What type of group do I want to be part of? (Women, Men, Young Adult, Mixed, Family, Etc.)?

Please pray about your decision and look for the Community Group area in the foyer or theater lobby!