Iraq and Syria are #'s 3 & 4, in the severity of countries suffering from extreme persecution according to the Open Doors World Watch List. In the Middle East: The Gospel Is Spreading! As he serves the persecuted church in the Middle East, a front-line worker is watching the gospel spread and change lives in a predominantly Muslim region. In his own village, and among the Syrian and Iraqi refugees his church has visited, people are coming to Christ as persecuted believers live out their faith. “We have new people in our home groups and it’s an opportunity for them to hear the good news. We have focused in our weekly service on subordination to the Lord Jesus and bearing persecution that could happen to the church."

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 As part of its outreach ministry, the worker’s church recently visited three villages, providing food to Iraqi and Syrian refugees. “During one of the visits, we met a mother who was so excited to take the Bible,” the front-line worker said. “For some reason, they heard about the miracles of the Lord Jesus and wanted to read it." In one village, “We met a man who asked about the character of Christ and why Christians believe he is the Son of God.”  “We had a fantastic time explaining and sharing our faith with him and his wife. They listened carefully to know more and urgently requested a Bible to start reading. We also saw a 15-year-old boy who we evangelized during our last visit. He was looking for us. He saw our car and he had questions about the Bible.” 

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Romans 12:4 AMP

" For as in one physical body we have many parts (organs, members) and all of these parts do not have the same function or use" .


1. Would it change the way you looked at the unsaved, and unlovable people who are offended by the message of the Gospel now if you knew they were needed in order for the body of Christ to function correctly? Would you try to appreciate them, be more merciful, and long suffering if you knew you needed them. The truth is you need them as much as they need you! 

2. How do you think your actions toward the unsaved, and unlovable can change to help them be more receptive to the good news?

3. Have you ate and drank with sinners lately? If not, why are you not following the example set by Jesus? 

Ask God to search your actions and motives toward the lost. Ask Him to reveal every action or thought that may be a turn off to others listening to your message. 


Thank you God for my brothers and sisters throughout the world who are faithful in their efforts to draw others to a saving knowledge of you. Not all of us have the exact same function and are used in diverse manners. Whether we are called to pray, educate, travel, volunteer, be a voice and advocate, donate to support the advancement of the Gospel help us to do so willingly, with compassion, and in unity of purpose. I ask you God for the thousands of refugees who have fled to northern Iraq or to surrounding countries, and those who have been left homeless and without jobs for supernatural provision and support to handle their traumas. I pray that the civil war would end and the Islamic state will be turned  back, dispersed,  and driven out of the middle east.   (Insert any additional) In Jesus Name, Amen.

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