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2019 | Part One - Leave 2018 Victoriously
Speaker: Dennis Diaz
Duration: 41 min 19 sec

Pastor Diaz (Senior Pastor) is back for 2019 and picks up where Pastor Derek left off and reminds us to leave 2018 with a clean heart and look towards 2019 with a clean & purified heart. That in order to live 2019 victoriously, we must first leave 2018 victoriously. We hope you’ve been able to join us to start the year and hope you join us for Part 2 of this message in a couple weeks!

As Pastor Derek mentioned last week, available below are some resources to help you get the year started right!

Daily Audio Bible - dailyaudiobible.com
The Bible App - youversion.com/the-bible-app
Bible Gateway - biblegateway.com/landing/votd