Q: What is Reel 2 Real Church?

A: Reel 2 Real Church is a church plant based out of Mesilla Park Community Church (3101 S. Main St.). Because we know that everyone is at different places in their lives, we felt the need to create an innovative, modern and relevant form of church that reaches out to everyone!  Not everyone is comfortable walking into a church building, we totally get that... So why not make the church to a place where you can feel comfortable?  And what's more comfortable than the movie theater?  So whether you haven't set foot in a church for 20 years,  20 days, or ever... Reel 2 Real is a judgement free zone that will welcome you with open arms! 

Q: When is Reel 2 Real Church? 

Every Sunday:

8:30 - Lobby Doors open at Cineport 10 Movie Theater in the Mesilla Valley Mall
9:00 - Service Begins
10:00-10:30 - Service ends and Coffee/Donut Fellowship begins

Q: Where Is Reel 2 Real Church Located? 

A: Reel 2 Real Church meets at the Cineport 10 Movie Theater in the Mesilla Valley Mall (700 South Telshor Boulevard) 


Q: Does Reel 2 Real Church offer anything for my kids? 


A: ABSOLUTELY!  At R2R church we offer classes from Birth - 5th grade for your children.  The infant - 2yrs have full nursery set ups including cribs, changing tables, toys and rocking chairs so they can be comfortable and relaxed while you enjoy the service.  3 yrs - kindergarten  & 1st - 5th grade have their own movie theaters and get to watch a fun media based bible lesson, play games and do a craft that reinforces the week's lesson. The lesson mixes up fun & fast paced video lessons with hands on games and activities.  Guaranteed to be an awesome time of fun and learning, your kids will be pulling YOU out the door next Sunday for church! For any questions, please contact: Click here to see photos of our awesome kid's in action!

Q: Church in a movie theater? How exactly does that work?

A: Good question!  Churches all over the country have been switching to this church model, and good news... IT WORKS!  After visiting many video venue services and doing our homework, we are so excited to present Reel 2 Real, Las Cruces, NM's 1st Theater Church!  The service structure will look a little like this:  


1.  SHOW UP:  When you arrive you will be greeted at the door by people who are genuinely excited you are there & ready to welcome you with open arms.  If you are a first time visitor, be sure to stop by the Central Hub & pick up some information about our church and your FREE MOVIE PASS!  We will have donuts and Hope Coffee provided for you, totally free of cost... so dig in!

photo 4 copy.JPG

2.  GRAB A SEAT:   If you have kids, you can check them into their classes using the touch-screen kiosks and then follow the signs to the Adult Worship Service (Theater 3).  Grab a seat and settle in.  Beginning on March 2nd, we will be holding a grand opening for the opening of a second theater to accommodate for growth.  


3. WORSHIP:  Service will start with a live time of worship, led by our awesome band.  During worship, this is YOUR time with God, nobody is judging you.  If you don't feel comfortable raising your hands... thats ok!  Everyone worships God in their own way and expresses their love differently. Reel 2 Real Church provides a very contemporary, modern & media heavy approach to worship.   We believe that God delights in ALL worship.... whether its folk, rock, alternative, hymns or anything in-between.  So be ready to worship to a variety of awesome modern worship songs! 


4. SERMON:  Settle in & get comfortable for the sermon, given by Pastor Dennis Diaz. (#DigitalDennis) The sermon is an HD video, shown on the movie screen and recorded the day before at our Saturday Night Life service (Mesilla Park Community Church campus at 6:00pm).  This way, the info is relevant and you are able to stay right on track with what the rest of the church body is learning! We also provide weekly fill in the blanks online and through our online weekly bulletin to help you follow along on your smart phone or tablet, so be sure to fill in the blanks as we dive into the Word!


5.  FELLOWSHIP:  Once the sermon is dismissed, pick up your kids and head on out to the theater lobby.   Friendship & community is very important to us, the Bible says that we cannot be the Christians we were created to be without the support of other Christians.  So jump on in and make some friends... we promise we won't bite!

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